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Smell Good, Feel Good, Feel More Confident, Affect ppl Surrounding Us, Attract Opposite Sex and what more? You tell us!  :D



Perfume companies spend millions on R&D to create blends in which the scents truly give a unique experience to the user.

However, perfume fakes are cheap to produce and therefore can sometimes be very tempting to buy.

Perfumes have close/intimate contact with our body/skin and a Non ori grade of material may bring about health hazards and others.

Non ori perfumes scent life may not last as long, and we may need to spray it several more times over the day.

Actually, even the smell itself cannot be used to distinguish ori or not. Perfume consists of base notes, middle notes and top notes, which begins their respective evaporation at different times. In a Non ori, one of the notes maybe similar, but not all. You may not get the sophisticated scent with these inspired perfumes. But it smells nearly similar in the beginning.

And finally, it is interesting to note that some Nokla looks like Nokia and some NIKF look like NIKE, you can be the judge.



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20 Point Perfume Authenticity Checklist:

1) Confirm Reputable Source of Supply. Verify the delivery has come from a reputable seller.

2) Cellophane Wrapping. Check for overall quality - look and feel - thickness and clarity.

3) Cellophane Sealing. Check for signs of excessive glue and especially use of any sticky tape.

4) Outer Box. Check for overall quality of material used - thickness – colour- fold marks and edges.

5) Printing. Check for correct information printed on box. Size, Country of Origin, misspellings, logo, and trademarks. Check the style of printing – embossing if applicable.

6) Batch Number – Check for a number.

7) Inner Box. Check overall quality of material used - colour and size.

8) Bottle Shape. Check overall quality - height – width – basic shape and design.

9) Bottle Glass. Check overall quality – thickness - clarity – moulding marks – air bubbles within the glass.

10) Cap. Check size – colour – shape – moulding marks

11) Sprayer Head. Check overall quality – colour - smoothness and ease of operation.

12) Sprayer Inner Tube. Check quality - thickness, length and colour.

13) Main Bottle Label. Check quality of printing – size - positioning and look for embossing if applicable.

14) Bottom Label. Check quality of printing – size – correct information.

15) Bar Code. Check number, size and scanability

16) Fragrance Colour. Check for murkiness, floaties and consistency of colour.

17) Fragrance Oiliness. Check for excessive oily feel.

18) Fragrance Smell. Check for pungent or unusual fragrance notes.

19) Fragrance Lasting time. Test number of hours. Should last at least 2 to 3 hours+

20) Skin Reactions. Watch for itchiness, blemishes and rashes.

Talk is Cheap!

We do not swear upon god, we do not guarantee it is 100000% original, but we give you Double Money Back Guarantee.. Seriously.


Two things help transfer the savings to you. Firstly, the low overhead from not having a brick and mortar shop. And secondly, by having a small team of people.



I can't find the perfume I want or it is out of stock. Can I still order them?

Drop us a line, and we will update you as soon as it is restocked. If it is something that we do not have, we will help to source for you.


I can’t find the 50ml or 75ml versions of the perfume I want. Can I still order them?

The smaller versions generally cost nearly as much as the largest size available, thus providing less savings for you. Nevertheless, you can still request for it by dropping us a line.


I can’t find brands like Chanel or Christian Dior. Can I still order them?

Some brands like Chanel and Christian Dior have strict price control, and the savings will not be much for you. However, we can source it for you. Please drop us a line, thank you.


Can I apply any ‘codes’ or Voucher that I have?

Yes, you may enter it upon check out.



What would be the shipping & handling charges?

Usual shipping & handling charges applies.

RM10 for Peninsular Malaysia per delivery

RM 15 for Sabah & Sarawak per delivery


For purchases above RM300,

Delivery is FREE for Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak

How soon can I expect my order to arrive?

Any time between 2-5 working days.

I will not be at home most of the time. How will I get the perfume delivered to me?

You can try using your office address. The parcel will be addressed to your name.

I intend to buy this as a gift to a friend. Can this be done?

Sure, just inform us your friend's name in the ‘comments' column when you key in your friend's shipping details.

Do you deliver to any where outside Malaysia?

It is within our plan to include neighbouring countries, but at present we only provide shipping services within Malaysia.

Do you do COD (Cash on Delivery)?

No, we choose to allow our shipping carrier to professionally perform this task for you.

Will you be sending me the tracking number upon delivery?

Yes, you will be informed via email.

My parcel is damaged during the delivery. I suspect the perfume bottle might be broken as well. What should I do?

Your perfume is protected by our Triple Protection Packaging!

Our packaging has been tested to withstand free fall of package from 1 storey high (8-9 feet) without any problem.

In the slim chance that your perfume bottle is damaged during the delivery, please follow the instructions in our ‘Refund Policy' page to request for a one to one replacement. 



I've made payment but there is no notification. What can I do?

Drop us a line using the contact form. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Do attach any relevant supporting document to facilitate our tracking.



How do I use my Loyalty Points?

You can convert them to cash for your next purchase.

You will need to log in to your account, then click Loyalty Points.

Then, click "Transform my points into a voucher of RM XX"

A voucher will then be generated for you to use.

When using my loyalty point, it says " This Voucher is Not Valid Yet". What does it mean?

You can only start using your voucher the next day after you convert your loyalty points to voucher.


What are Testers?

Testers are basically perfume supplied to departmental stores to allow customers to test perfumes scents. Testers come without the actual box, but usually come in a white or brown plain box.

Some testers come without caps. This is due to the fact that testers are meant to be left for testing purposes. Nevertheless, testers are perfect for personal use, and they are cheaper.


Is it Reject Perfume?

No, it is NOT reject perfume. It is original with contents similar to those supplied in the actual box. At times, the concentration may be slightly higher but this is good as the smell would stay for a longer period.


Have your Testers been tested before?

No, your Testers were never tested. They are delivered New and Unused.


How much cheaper is it from the actual packing?

Anything between RM 5-50 for similar content.


 Do you guarantee the originality?

It’s original or DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK!


Who is it suitable for?

If you’re planning to give it as a gift, a tester is not recommended as the plain box may not look good. However, if it is for personal use, it is highly recommended. Also, if the gift is for someone really close to us, like girl/boy friend, parents, or really close friends, as long as they understand, it should be OK.


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